All You Need to Know About Miniature Dachshund Puppies

One of the best pets or companions that you can have is a dog. That is the reason why they are considered to be man’s best friend. If you are looking for a dog though then you can find a lot of different breeds. Dog breeds can come in varying shapes, sizes, and characteristics. One of the dogs that are considered a favorite of many is a dachshund. These breeds also come in varying coats and sizes. One of the types of dachshunds that you can see in the market is the miniature dachshund. They can grow at around 2-10 inches in height. Miniature dachshund puppies can have long, smooth or wired coats. Despite their small stature, this breed is robust and muscular. Dachshunds are popular for their short legs and long body. This is the reason why they are also called wiener dogs. If you are planning to purchase or adopt a mini dachshund puppy then see to it that you will know everything about them.

An affectionate, devoted and loving dog is what a mini dachshund puppy is. It is important to take note though that they can become snappish once they start to mature. This is the reason why you take expert care with children. Dachshunds can also become jealous and aggressive which means that you should also be wary when you have strangers around you. This is a good characteristic though since they can help alert you if there are visitors coming.

A mini dachshund puppy is also easy to take care of. Regular brushing for their coats will help remove dead and loose hair. This should be done no matter what type of coat your dachshund has. Long-haired dachshunds though will require more care of their coat so that you can prevent tangling or mating. Bathing is done only if necessary since dachshunds don’t tend to smell as other dogs do. When owning a mini dachshund puppy, you also will need to know the health risk that they can have like obesity, spinal problems, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye diseases, and bloat. By making sure that your dachshund has the right diet and activity then avoiding these health issues can be easy.

A mini dachshund puppy can also tend to be stubborn and willful and has a tendency to do things on its own. This is the reason why early training and socialization are needed though you might find it a bit challenging at first. It is also important to housebreak and crate-train them during their puppy stage. Always make sure that you will be able to instill obedience in your mini dachshund puppy. You should do it with firmness, fairness, consistency, and patience. Always be an assertive pack leader to your new puppy. A mini dachshund doesn’t necessarily need a lot of exercises which is why they can dwell in a city or country living. You need to make sure to give them regular activities so that they will not be bored. This will also help avoid obesity.

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